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Qigong Meditation CD Now Available

Basic Qigong Meditation CD

After a long pause, my “Basic Qigong Meditation” CD is officially re-released. This is a guided meditation with a focus on the lower Dantian (abdominal energy center). It has been used since 1997 (the cassette era!) to build Qi (vital energy) and reduce stress. It has been used for fatigue, insomnia, pre and post surgery, during chemo and labor, and to journey within. Available through my office and Inner Sage Healing Arts Center ($ 11 at the office or $ 11+ Shipping and Handling by mail). Enjoy!


What people are saying:


WOW!!!! Just want you to know that got way more than my $11 worth on the first use of your meditation CD! Its all gravy from here! Use that for a testimonial if you like!

Jeff W. , Pittsford, NY


The CD is fantastic! Within a minute or so I was breathing more deeply than I have in months. It’s an amazing feeling to move from breathing to experiencing the breath take over-hard to put into words but a beautiful peaceful feeling of wholeness.

Sharon S., Wisconsin

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